500-527 Digital Learning Initiative


SERIES:                   500 Students
SUBJECT:                527 Digital Learning Initiative

 I.         PURPOSE

The purpose of this policy is to establish general requirements and guidelines that apply to the Digital Learning Initiative, specifically iPads.


Hibbing Public School District is committed to preparing our students to succeed in the changing societal landscape. It is essential that the District provide our students with the 21st century skills that they need to be self-directed learners. We believe that effective teaching and learning include the effective use of technology to best prepare each student for the world in which they will live. To accomplish this vision, the District is making iPad technology available to all students in grades 3 – 6 as described below.


     A.  Students are expected to use the iPads appropriately for educational purposes.
     B.  Students are expected to have their iPads in school each day with a fully charged battery. Forgetting an iPad or having a dead battery will not be accepted as a reason for    failing to complete work or turn in assignments. A limited number of charging stations will be available in each classroom for iPads that may need a recharge during the school day.
     C.   Students are responsible to download to the iPad any necessary documents, assignments, and/or materials from their teachers. If a family does not have wireless access at home, students must do this before school, during the school day, or after school.
     D.   Students may load photos on their District-owned iPad, as long as all content complies with the Acceptable Use Policy. The use of music on the iPad during instructional time will be at the discretion of the classroom teacher. The lock screen must either be the student’s name or self-portrait. The presence of inappropriate music or photos may result in the loss of the iPad and/or other disciplinary actions (See VIII).
    E.    If non-conforming apps or software are discovered on District-owned iPads, the iPads will be restored to the school set of software, and disciplinary actions may be enacted (See VIII). District staff are not responsible for saving, restoring or backing up documents, music or photos that students may be storing on the iPads.
    F.     Students are encouraged to store documents, worksheets, notes and other files on their iPad, but they must be responsible for backing up or saving all work to other media. Students must either email documents to themselves as a backup, or they may use a cloud-based storage account such as Google Docs, Dropbox or iCloud.
    G.    Students attempting to hack or jailbreak the iPad will be subject to disciplinary action (See VIII).
    H.    Students must use the District-provided case and it shall not be personalized.  Any damage caused by unauthorized removal of the iPad case will be the sole responsibility of the parent/student.
     I.     Students are discouraged from printing and encouraged to use email and cloud-storage solutions.
     J.    Students must set a passcode for their iPad.  This passcode must be the same as their lunch code.


A.  Parents are encouraged to view a Parent iPad Orientation. This orientation will be available online via the District website at www.hibbing.k12.mn.us, on each iPad.
B.  The District asks for the parents’ support in communicating with their children about the standards of appropriate content and helping to monitor the use of the iPads at home.
C.  Parents should help to ensure that only the student and parents use the school-assigned iPad.
D.  If necessary, parents are expected to assist their child fill out any forms needed to report theft or damage.
E.  Parents are encouraged to become familiar with the iPad and help ensure the use of the technology to track their child’s progress. The iPads allow parents and students to view teachers’ assignment calendars, track homework, and monitor progress toward coursework completion.
F.   Parents are responsible for reading this document and discussing it with their children.  The last page must be filled out, signed, and turned in to your child’s teacher.


A.  iPads will be distributed at the discretion of the District Administration upon confirmation that the Student-Parent Agreement form has been signed.
B.  Legal ownership of the iPads remains with the District. The use of the iPad is a privilege extended to students and is conditioned upon compliance with the requirements of this handbook, the District’s Acceptable Use Policy, and all other District policies.
C.  Student iPads and accessories will be checked in at the end of each school year at a date and time determined by the Administration. Students who graduate early, transfer, withdraw or are suspended or expelled will return the iPad and accessories at the time of withdrawal.
D.  The District reserves the right to repossess the iPad and accessories at any time if the student does not fully comply with the terms of this Handbook. The District may also choose to limit and/or withdraw home use privileges for failure to comply.
E.  Failure to return the property in a timely fashion may result in the involvement of law enforcement.
F.   The iPads will be subject to routine monitoring by teachers, administrators, and/or technology staff. Users have no expectation of privacy when using Hibbing Public School’s equipment or technology systems.
G.  If technical difficulties arise with an iPad, or non-conforming content is discovered, the iPad will be restored by District staff. If the District staff needs to restore an iPad, the District is not responsible for the loss of any content put on the iPad by the student.
H.  Each iPad has identifying labels, which must not be removed or altered in any fashion. Students may not permanently mark the iPad itself in any fashion.
I.    The use of the iPads during instructional times is governed by classroom teachers.  Failure to follow the instructions of the teacher will result in disciplinary action (See VIII).


A.  Chemical cleaners or liquids, including water, should not be used on the iPads.
B.  Charging cables/cords should be inserted and removed carefully to prevent damage. This should be done on both ends of the cable by grasping the plugs rather than the cord.      The charging cord should be plugged into the wall outlet before connecting the iPad. When disconnecting, remove the cable from the iPad before pulling the cord from the wall outlet.
C.  iPads must be kept in the District-provided protective cases at all times.
D.  Students should never put weight on the iPads, stack items on top of them or wedge them tightly into a backpack or case. The iPad cases should not be used as a folder to    carry other items, including any sharp or pointed items such as pens or pencils.
E.  Liquids, food and other debris can damage iPads. iPads will be kept in cases and away from food and liquids when students are eating.
F.   iPads should not be exposed to temperature extremes. Students should not leave the iPad in any location where the temperature falls below freezing or exceeds 95 degrees. If the iPad is cold, it should be allowed to warm up to room temperature before use. An iPad exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures may overheat during use and must be allowed to cool down before subsequent use.
G.  Battery life is shortened by using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a high screen brightness, and video. Students should learn to manage these settings and apps to improve battery performance.
H.  Students are encouraged to refer to the iPad Instruction Manual located on the iPad for further information.


A.  An annual "Technology Fee" of $40 will be assessed to all students for the 2013-14 school year with a family cap of $100.  If your child has Free/Reduced lunch eligibility, you will be charged $20 with a $50 family cap.  These fees must be paid before the child is allowed to take the iPad home.


A.  The iPad may ONLY be used by the student to whom it was assigned or by the parents of the student. The student may not loan it to another student.
B.  The student is responsible for the security of the iPad at all times. The iPad should never be left unsecured. When not with the student, the iPads should be secured or stored in a locked location out of view. During after-school activities and/or away events, students are still responsible for securing the iPad.
C.  Students should keep personal information about themselves and others off the iPad. Password security for network systems should be maintained.  It is the responsibility of the student to keep his or her information secure.


A.  Damage must be reported immediately to the appropriate school personnel.
B.  Students/parents are responsible for the full cost of any willful, negligent, careless or intentional damage to the iPad. Failure to pay for willful, negligent, careless or intentional damage may result in legal consequences.
C.  Theft must be reported immediately to the appropriate school personnel. Students/parents will be required to fill out a theft report through the District’s liaison officer.
D.  Tracking software can be activated to recover missing iPads. The District will coordinate with law enforcement to track missing or lost iPads.


A. In the event of inappropriate use of the iPad, the Principal will confiscate the iPad and will issue a district controlled iPad to the student.  The district controlled iPad will only have   educational applications available on it and no personal use or downloads will be allowed by the student or the parent.
B. The administration reserves the right to sanction students more severely based on the nature of the offense.

Parent iPad Agreement






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