400-422 Workers' Compensation - Return to Work


SERIES: 400 Employees/Personnel
SUBJECT: 422 Workers' Compensation - Return to Work

Independent School District No. 701 supports the practice of returning injured employees to work, as soon as medically possible, to a position within the District that is compatible with the employee’s restrictions.  This policy is being instituted with the cooperation of our Workers’ Compensation carrier.

The prompt return of an injured employee to a position within his/her medical restrictions will:  Retain the employee’s sense of job security, maintain the employee’s self esteem, and help to re-establish the employee’s pre-injury lifestyle while also helping to control our overall Workers’ Compensation costs.

We believe this practice serves the best interests of both the injured employee and Independent School District No. 701.

All injuries, no matter how minor, should be reported to the supervisor immediately.  The supervisor will report the injury to the claim coordinator within 24 hours.

Our claim coordinator is located in the Business Office at Hibbing High School.  Any questions concerning your Workers’ Compensation claim should be directed to this individual.

The injured employee’s current position may be modified to fit medical restrictions.  If this is not possible, a temporary light-duty position may be made available.  Examples of these light-duty positions are:

     a) Part-time employment (for example, 2, 4, or 6 hours a day).
     b) Job modification or redesign to meet the employee’s work restrictions.
     c) Designated existing jobs with reduced physical requirements.

The claim coordinator will assist with making arrangements with the District’s designated Workers’ Compensation medical provider, if necessary.  That provider is Fairview Mesaba Clinic/Fairview JobCare Hibbing.

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