200-202 Powers and Duties of School Board


SERIES: 200 School Board
SUBJECT: 202 Powers and Duties of School Board

The school board has powers and duties specified by statute.  The school board’s authority includes implied powers in addition to specific powers granted by the legislature.

The school board, among other duties, shall perform the following in accordance with applicable law:

1. provide by levy of tax, necessary funds for the conduct of schools, the payment of indebtedness, and all proper expenses of the school district;
2. conduct the business of the schools and pay indebtedness and proper expenses;
3. make and authorize contracts;
4. employ and contract with necessary qualified teachers and discharge the same in accordance with Minnesota law;
5. manage the schools, adopt rules for their organization and instruction, and prescribe textbooks and courses of study;
6. provide services to promote the health of its pupils;
7. provide needed school buildings;
8. purchase, sell, lease, and exchange school district property and equipment as deemed necessary by the school board for school purposes;
9. provide for payment of claims against the school district, and prosecute and defend actions by or against the school district, in all proper cases;
10. employ and discharge necessary employees and contract for other services;
11. provide for transportation of pupils to and from school, as governed by statute;
12. procure insurance against liability of the school district, its officers and employees; and
13. perform other acts as the school board shall deem to be reasonably necessary or required for the governance of the schools.

The school board shall designate its regular meeting dates at its annual organizational meeting.  All board members, the superintendent, and the public shall be notified of any changes in the time and place of board meetings.  Special meetings shall be any called in accordance with state statutes.

At the organizational meeting, the school board shall:

  • Designate the official depositories for the school district funds for the period of one year.
  • Designate the official newspaper for the school district.
  • Establish school board member annual compensation.
  • The School Board shall act upon such other matters as it deems appropriate.

Legal References: M.S. 123.B (School Board Powers)
M.S. 123B.14 (School District Officers)
M.S. 123B.02 (General Powers)
M.S. 123B.23 (Liability Insurance)
M.S. 13D.01 (Open Meeting Law)

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