600-612 Testing Plan


SERIES: 600 Education Programs
SUBJECT: 612 Testing Plan

The following definitions shall be used to clarify this policy:

  1. “Department” means the Minnesota Department of Education.
  2. “State test” means a test established and maintained by the Department.
  3. “Nationally normed, commercially published” means a nationally normed, commercially published test which has been approved by the Department for use as a basic standards test in mathematics or reading.
  4. “Locally adopted test” means a test of a basic standard that is written according to the specifications for the state test, and adopted by a school district as the local test of the basic standards.
  5. “Unit” means a unit measuring education achievement based on successfully completing the requirements of a given course of study.
  6. “Section 504 Accommodation” means the defined appropriate accommodations or modifications that must be made in the school environment to address the needs of an individual student with disabilities.
  7. “Individualized Education Plan,” or “IEP” means a written statement developed for a student eligible by law for special education and services.
  8. “Limited English Proficient” or “LEP” students means individuals whose first language is not English and whose test performance may be negatively impacted by lack of English language proficiency.

Duties of the School District
The superintendent shall identify the person who shall be responsible for preparing and presenting annually to the school board for approval, and overseeing the publishing of, the basic standards test administration plan which is to include, at a minimum, the following:

  1. the graduation requirements;
  2. the number of opportunities a student shall have to retake tests of basic standards during each year;
  3. the opportunities for remediation for a student who has not passed tests of basic standards;
  4. the process for requesting an additional testing opportunity and accommodations for a senior who has met all other graduation requirements but has not passed one or more basic standards;
  5. the process for appealing the school district’s response to requests in item 4;
  6. the method to report breaches in test security procedures to the school district and the Department; and
  7. procedures for meeting the needs of Limited English Proficient students, students who require an IEP, or students who require Section 504 accommodation.

Reporting and Recordkeeping

  1. The school district shall comply with the required reporting to the Department of Education and to the public by October 15.
  2. the school district shall keep records of tests taken and results of each student as required.

Required Documentation for Program Audit

The school district shall maintain records necessary for program audits conducted by the Department of Education.  The records must include documentation that:

  1. tests used for the basic standards comply with Minnesota Rules, parts 3501.0060 to 3501.0080;
  2. the process that the school district used to set the passing scores on approved nationally normed, commercially published tests or locally adopted tests meets the requirements of Minnesota Rules, parts 3501.0070 and 3501.0080, respectively;
  3. required notifications to parents and students meet the requirements of Minnesota Rules, part 3501.0120;
  4. required student records meet the requirements of Minnesota Rules, part 3501.0130;
  5. the school district’s process for additional testing of students meets the requirements of Minnesota Rules, part 3501.0050;
  6. test security procedures comply with Minnesota Rules, part 3501.0150;
  7. the school district’s decisions regarding testing accommodations, modifications, and granting exemptions are in compliance with Minnesota Rules, parts 35010090 and 3501.0100;
  8. the school district’s curriculum and instruction provides appropriate learning opportunities in the basic standards in compliance with Minnesota rules, part 3501.0110;
  9. remediation plans for students are on file consistent with Minnesota Rule, part 3501.0110;
  10. the basic standards test administration plan complies with Minnesota rules, part 3501.0140, subpart 2;
  11. the documentation for students granted accommodations or exempted from testing complies with Minnesota Rules, part 3501.0090;
  12. the assessments and documentation of performance for students granted modifications of statewide standards comply with Minnesota Rules, part 3501.0090, subpart 2, item C; and
  13. the school district’s process for testing considerations for LEP students complies with Minnesota Rules, part 3501.0100.

The school district shall provide, no later than ninety (9) days after a student takes a test of basic standards, written notice to the parents and the student of:

  1. basic standards test results; and
  2. consistent with MN Rules, part 3501.0050, subpart 3, if the student is in the graduating year

     a. the process by which a parent of a student an request additional testing and testing accommodations after April 1; and
     b. the process by which a parent or student can appeal the school district’s decision if additional testing or testing accommodation is denied.

Legal References:
Minn. Rule Parts 3501.0010 to 3501.0180
Minn. Rule Parts 3501.0200 to 3501.0270
M.S.120B.11 (School District Policy)

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