500-505 Discipline


SERIES: 500 Students
SUBJECT: 505 Discipline

The school district shall provide an educational environment which respects each student’s right to learn and each teacher’s right to teach.  The following statements will be enforced to ensure that such an environment exists.

  1. Individual responsibility and mutual respect are essential components in the educational process;
  2. Students are entitled to learn and develop in a setting which promotes respect of self, others, and property;
  3. Students must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner that maintains a climate in which learning can take place.  Overall decorum affects student attitudes and influences student behavior; and
  4. Students failing to adhere to the established discipline rules will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

The school district shall maintain complete and accurate student discipline records.  The collection, dissemination, and maintenance of student discipline records shall be consistent with applicable school district policies and federal and state law.

Legal References:
M.S. Ch. 13 (Minnesota Government Data Practices Act)
M.S. 121A.40-121A.56 (Pupil Fair Dismissal Act of 1974)
M.S. 121A.60-121A.65 (Removal from Class)
Goals 2000: Educate America Ac 20 U.S.C. 5801 et seq.
M.S. 125A (Students with Disabilities) and IDEA 1997 29 U.S.C. 794 et seq. (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973)

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