100-103 Complaints: Student, Employees, Parents, Other Persons


SERIES: 100 School District
SUBJECT: 102 Complaints: Student, Employees, parents, Other Persons

The school district shall take seriously all concerns or complaints by students, employees, parents, or other person.  If a specific complaint procedure is provided within any other policy of the school district, that procedure shall be followed in reference to such a complaint.  If a specific complaint procedure is not provided, the purpose of this policy is to provide a procedure that will be used.

Students, parents, employees, or other persons may report concerns or complaints to the school district.  While written reports are encouraged a complaint may be made orally.  Any employee receiving a complaint shall advise the principal or immediate supervisor of the receipt of the complaint.  The supervisor shall make an initial determination as to the seriousness of the complaint and whether the matter should be referred to the superintendent.  A person may file a complaint at any level of the school district; i.e., principal, superintendent, or school board.  However, persons are encouraged to file complaints at the building level when appropriate.

Depending upon the nature and seriousness of the complaint, the supervisor or other administrator receiving the complaint shall determine the nature and scope of the investigation or follow-up procedures.  If the complaint involves serious allegations, the matter shall promptly be referred to the superintendent who shall determine if an internal or external investigation should be conducted.  In either case, the superintendent shall determine the nature and scope of the investigation and designate the person responsible for the investigation or follow-up relating to the complaint.  The designated investigator shall ascertain details concerning the complaint and promptly respond to the superintendent concerning the status or outcome of the matter.

Legal References: M.S. Ch. 13 (Minnesota Government Data Practices Act)

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