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Student Information Systems

The district uses Pearson PowerSchool for managing student data. PowerSchool stores student records and provides a parent portal for assignments, grades, and attendance reporting to parents.

We use Pearson Inform for data warehouse and analytics services. Inform allows us to review test results across multiple test systems, and compare those results by a variety of factors including grade level and year. We are beginning to transition to PowerSchool Analytics, which will be better integrated into PowerSchool.

The district uses SpedForms to manage special education service plans and due process paperwork.

Student Assessment Systems

The district uses Renaissance Learning's STAR Assessment platform to monitor student growth and progress.

The district performs three yearly assessments to establish benchmarks, and teachers are able to perform additional assessments as needed.

The STAR assessment platform also provides recommended curriculum materials to help students reach their goals.

Learning Management System

The district uses Schoology Enterprise as its online Learning Management System.

Schoology allows teachers to create virtual classrooms for discussions, assignments, materials distribution, and online quizzes and testing. Assignments in Schoology are automatically graded and added to the teacher's online grade book.

We also utilize Showbie for simple hand-in/hand-out and markup of documents and have access to iTunes U.

Digital Curriculum

The district is a member of the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum, a grassroots effort to create a digital curriculum based on Minnesota state standards.

This curriculum provides course work in a digital format in the four core subject areas for grades three through twelve. We deliver the content through the Schoology platform.

The district subscribes to StoryTown, an online reading curriculum program.

Visual Learning Systems' Digital Science Online is used in grades three through eight and supplemented by National Geographic's online science curriculum in grades three through five.

The district also uses Apple's iBooks Author software to create custom curriculum materials as needed.

Library Automation Systems

The district uses Alexandria to manage the district library card catalogs. The card catalogs can be browsed by computer and iPad applications, as well as by web browsers.

We integrate data from the Accelerated Reader system as well.

We use Mitinet services to provide accurate and complete card catalog records.

Reading Program

The district uses Renaissance Learning's Accelerated Reading program to encourage reading. It integrates with the STAR Assessment program, and tests can be taken on computers or iPads.

Office Suites and Applications

The district uses the Google G Suite for Education applications for word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools.

We use FileMaker and FileMaker Server to create and host custom databases for tracking a variety of district data, including insurance, lockers, special education, technology, lesson plans, curriculum mapping, and many others.

Presentation Tools

The district uses several tools for presenting curriculum. Each classroom is equipped with a Polyvision eno interactive whiteboard, Epson projector, and audio enhancement system.

In addition to traditional presentation programs such as G Suite for Education, we use ExplainEverything for on-the-fly presentations and our Polyvision eno interactive whiteboards come with Easiteach presentation software.

The district uses the Reflector application to display content from iPads onto the interactive whiteboards wirelessly.


The district uses Google's G Suite for Education for e-mail, calendaring, and online collaboration. 

G Suite for Education offers several group collaborative features, including forums, sites, shared documents/folders, forms, chat, group scheduling, etc

Content Management System

The district uses Affinety for hosting the district website.

Affinety hosts the website and provides a Content Management System so each building and department can edit their own web pages.

Affinety also provides a Community Education module which supports an online course catalog and online enrollment and registration.

The Affinety services provide online forms collection and payments. 

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